Our Mission

We are a multimedia group that provides an outlet for collaboration on projects in a real world dynamic. With members specializing in every aspect of media creation, we work together to provide the highest quality media solutions for student members and professional clients.

Our team converges at the intersection of telecommunications, journalism, business & marketing, fine arts, informatics, theater, and music composition. We are a cross section of people fused with a common interest for a common purpose.

We have been given the chance to collaborate with one another in like mind and spirit. We are each actively engaged in a learning experience never before undertaken. None of us are paid professionals; we do this for free and, most of all, for fun. We stand in the gap for all those desirous of a peep behind our university’s world-class performances.

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Past Projects

Slide Jam at the Dam

IAMusic Promo

Culture Shock Poster Artist Interview

The Bearded Chef: Episode 1 – Hummus

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